DaviTools VideoWall

DaviTools VideoWall 1.0

An extension for Sony Vegas Pro 8 and 9 that creates a video wall effect & more
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Video Wall is an extension for Sony Vegas Pro 8 and 9. Creating a video wall effect is a great way to spice up and professionalize your video productions.
Video Wall features the following:
- Visual creation of your Video Wall
- Resize, reposition, rotate, etc. the individual Video Wall channels
- Add Borders
- Live update of changes on the preview window
- Save and Load your projects
- Quickly build Video Walls with presets

The VideoWall extension will let you add a so called channel for every video track or track event in your project. A VideoWall channel is connected to a video track by track number and event number.

The first channel you add will be connected to the first video track, the second to the second track and so on. You can add more channels than there are events in your project but the channels will not be connected to any event. When you add more video events you can connect the channels manually by changing the track number and trackeventnumber properties.

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